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Water Treatment Services

Operation and Maintenance of Industrial RO/Water softener plants

  • PH value testing in water.
  • Regular inspection PPM
  • Identification of damaged and rusted parts.
  • Quarterly submission of water checking report.
  • Periodical checking of membrane.
  • Periodical checking of UV lamp.
  • Periodical cleaning of View glasses and pressure releasing valves/multi port valves.

      ETP Operations

    • PH value testing.
    • Separation of sediments
    • Regular maintenance of all rusted parts and pressure vessels
    • STP Operations

  • Regular maintenance of oxidation process
  • Our employed team is skill enough under modern developed technologies for taking complete responsibility while process and distribution after treatment as well. These have knowledge of water in different seasons and different ppm of available water for deriving in to most appropriate processes.
  • We are further associated with Certified Laboratories for analysing and monitoring all the stages of process and are connected to obtain needed corrections at each stage of process.
  • We have been enrolled with Dealers for needed installation advises and to analyze the investment on Capital costs, operating costs with all levels of automation applicable.
  • Sewage waters to reuse: The produced liquid effluent is been used for Landscaping under natural environment Or separate flush-tank supply. Whereas the biological floc be sent for Bio-Waste disposal.
  • Our well experienced staff is competent for testing the specifications of each stage of the process and make timely process in line to the inflow quantity of the sewage or consumption of the Ground water.
  • We abide to the all safety and legal norms during each process under effective Environmental Management Guidelines, and have expertise team for process needed tools and tackles by following all S.H.E. statutory requirements.
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