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Restructured - Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Program

  • Procurement of Satellite Imagery and creation of base map of project area.
  • Staff Augmentation Locating co-ordinates (Latitude – Longitude) using DGPS
  • Collection / Updation of attribute database of following electrical network assets through field survey and development, codification and indexing with their upstream source of supply, HT (66,33,11 KV)overhead lines , underground cables along with associated equipment's such as poles, feeder pillar boxes etc.
  • Collection , updation of consumer attribute database through door to door field survey and development, codification and indexing of consumers with respective upstream source of supply.
  • Preparation of digitized electrical network on the base map in the predefined scale with features and attributes of assets and consumers collected through DGPS / door-to-door survey for GIS application


  • Field QC
  • Screen QC
  • QC through SoftwareTools.
  • Landbase Digitization
  • LT Network Digitization.
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