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It is the 'SYSTEMATIC' cleaning of a property; the cleaning may be of a high-rise building, a factory, a hotel etc. The cleaning of the property includes the areas right from the entrance to the exit, from the basements to the terrace. 'SYSTEMATIC' cleaning differentiates a professional organization from a unorganized company.

The word 'clean' means the process of removal of physical and visible dirt, dust and stains. In the cleaning industry, this is only a very small part of what the word stands for.

All of us want an environment that is not only free from physical and visible dirt but also free from harmful bacteria and microbes. The thought of providing an environment free from these invisible bacteria and microbes brings us to the next level of cleanliness, which is known as 'sanitation'. Sanitation is the process, which involves in the removal of harmful microbes, as well as physical and visible dust and dirt. While sanitation is acceptable to many users, specialized places like hospitals look for an even higher level of cleanliness which involves a 100% "germ kill". This is known as sterilization. Thus, different customers desire different levels of cleanliness.

We have a tie-up with world class cleaning equipment manufacturers, who help us to remain updated with the latest cleaning trends in the business . We ensure maximum mechanization to derive optimum results by minimizing time and manpower inputs. 

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